‘SCHOOL’S IN!!!!!’ a short film by Hesquiaht students

In May at the Hesquiaht Place of Learning four students- Jacine, Heman, Donovan and Rakaylyn learned about filmmaking for one week. We practiced technical skills, filmmaking and documentary techniques and studied First Nations in film.

Our goal was to record daily life and all the students at Hesquiaht Place of Learning. ‘Schools In!!!!!’ is a short film of the footage captured by these young storytellers. GREAT JOB TEAM!

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Yay! Well done again to all our students, parents, teachers, and community members who took part in making the Hesquiaht Place of Learning a fun and inspiring place to be this year.

Especially, we need to say a HUGE thank-you to Miss Seibel for facilitating such wonderful learning experiences and going above-and-beyond to create so many opportunities for the students.

A special mention to Lisa Sabbas and Patrick Charleson Jr. for visiting the school to teach the students about the Hesquiaht 27-teachings.

And, finally, of course, to our teaching assistant Kevin – what a difference you make in the classroom! Keep being inspiring, keep being you.

Students, you are a very special group of souls. Never forget that you are worthy of all the love and respect in the world. Be brave, be truthful, be kind, be happy…and try to grow a little bit taller this summer so you can RUN FASTER in Gold Rush in the next school year ; )

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Hesquiaht Tsunami Story for SBC Surf Magazine

As part of the Documentary Photography program with Alana Gregory the photography students went on two photography shoots to capture images for an article for SBC Surf Magazine.

The magazine article shares the recorded story of Elder Alex Amos and communicates to the wider community some of the history and experiences of the Hesquiaht people.

Although SBC is not using the images, we thought we would share some of the great photos captured by the students, here on our blog…

Old Village Shoot

Hesquiaht Point Shoot

This last photograph is of a bottle Donovan found that was washed up from the Japanese tsunami – incredible!

Thank-you to surf and nature photographer Kyler Vos for coming out to Hot Springs to help with this part of our program.

Students, well done, your courage to take on new things, and meet new people was great. Your creativity is endlessly inspiring.

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Documentary Photography with Alana Gregory

Throughout the year Donovan Williams, Jacine Charleson, Kevin Charleson, Patrick Charleson IV, and Rakaylyn Charleson have been working with Alana Gregory to learn how to communicate with photography.

As part of this project the students learnt;

-to use digital camera and audio equipment,

-to edit and process their images,

-to create stop-motion videos (…we created a claymation video of a Hesquiaht legend),

-and to believe that they have a unique and important story to tell.

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Youth Circle Teleconference

This is our new teleconference equipment which allows us to learn with other First Nations communities and people from all over the world.

At the moment, all high school aged children must leave our community to do schooling elsewhere. With this technology that brings the world of learning to us, and a new high school teacher, we are hoping to allow the Hesquiaht youth and their families to remain together in our community.

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Raincoast Education Society Visit

Thank-you to Kimberly for visiting and teaching us so many amazing things about the wilderness around us.

Here is a link to the Raincoast Society website if anyone else would like to learn more; http://www.raincoasteducation.org/

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Cooking with Chef Bobby Lax

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More Pottery with Daniela…

Here are some of our finished masterpieces!

Photography: Donovan Williams, Jacine Charleson, Kevin Charleson, Patrick Charleson IV, Rakaylyn Charleson

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Pottery with Daniela Petosa

Thank-you so much to Daniela for sharing her knowledge with us.

If anyone would like to see some of Daniela’s work visit her website at: http://danielapetosa.tumblr.com/

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Painting with Artist Julie Robinson


Thanks for coming out Julie!

If anyone would like to see Julie’s work visit her website here; http://www.julierobinsonart.com/

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