Hesquiaht Tsunami Story for SBC Surf Magazine

As part of the Documentary Photography program with Alana Gregory the photography students went on two photography shoots to capture images for an article for SBC Surf Magazine.

The magazine article shares the recorded story of Elder Alex Amos and communicates to the wider community some of the history and experiences of the Hesquiaht people.

Although SBC is not using the images, we thought we would share some of the great photos captured by the students, here on our blog…

Old Village Shoot

Hesquiaht Point Shoot

This last photograph is of a bottle Donovan found that was washed up from the Japanese tsunami – incredible!

Thank-you to surf and nature photographer Kyler Vos for coming out to Hot Springs to help with this part of our program.

Students, well done, your courage to take on new things, and meet new people was great. Your creativity is endlessly inspiring.

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2 Responses to Hesquiaht Tsunami Story for SBC Surf Magazine

  1. StuartGarrity says:

    You’ve got some really great shots here! What kind of camera was used, if you don’t mind me asking?

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