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Tradition to Welfare

“I bought that boat for my kids, for you guys. Someday you might be fishermen or fisherwomen. That’s why I bought it – so we can keep it in the family – a tradition. We are a fishing family. But … Continue reading

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Until There’s Nothing Left

“I think people…people, we are our worst enemies. We seem like we have to do everything until there’s nothing left. I used to be really disgusted with that ay. They [fishing corporations] cleaned one area out, then moved to another … Continue reading

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“As you guys grow up you are going to start understanding what choices are. Sometimes you make good choices sometimes you make bad choices, but it’s good to know you have a choice. When I was in residential school, I … Continue reading

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Elders in the School

This next week’s posts will be the words spoken by Elder, Patrick Charleson Jr. (Grandpa Pat) on a visit to the school. The school children came up with questions for Patrick, including; -what toys did you play with? -did you … Continue reading

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Butchering lesson…

Heman (Patrick Charleson IV), a student of The Hesquiaht Place of Learning, spent a week hunting this winter with his family. The family brought back three deer and one mountain goat. Man (Patrick Charleson III) the father of Heman, was … Continue reading

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