Look After Your Family

“I’d say to them that always keep your head up, be proud of who you are, be proud to be Indian, not because somebody says “…you’re Indian” [as an insult], like we were.

Be proud of…be who you are, and be proud of your family.

I learnt a while ago that – a white guy came to me and told me this.

He said, “…you know we are two different peoples our races. ”

He was saying, “…us white people we are proud of material things. I got a home, I got a boat, I got a house, I got a car.”

But he said to me, “…native people – you guys are about family, you look after family first.”

And that’s what I tell them, look after your family.  Be proud of them. Don’t be swayed because of how other people are, be proud of who you are yourself, from here [the heart].”

Hesquiaht Elder, Patrick Charleson Jr

Photography: Donovan Williams, Jacine Charleson, Kevin Charleson, Patrick Charleson IV, Rakaylyn Charleson

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1 Response to Look After Your Family

  1. ballgrrl says:

    If you have family, you are Rich 🙂 If you have Extended family, you are Wealthy 😀

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