As Long As They Are Doing It, They Are Not Losing It

“I used to dance when I was young, we were always taught to respect our culture. By respecting our culture, we had to learn how to dance, and speak our language. After I got out of Res [Residential school], it was drilled into our heads we couldn’t and we shouldn’t, our grandparents are heathens.

One of the pride and joys of Hesquiaht is the Sparrow Dance, we had some of the best sparrow dancers.

I want to see my Grandson here, do that dance.

But our tribe is so…always feuding. Certain groups saying we’re doing this wrong, because they think they’re right, stuff like that.

When it comes to actually doing it, as long as they’re learning.

That’s what my Great-Grandfather said, he said, as long as they are doing it ay, they are not losing it.”

Hesquiaht Elder, Patrick Charelson Jr

Photography: Donovan Williams, Jacine Charleson, Kevin Charleson, Patrick Charleson IV, Rakaylyn Charleson

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