Be Proud Of Who You Are

“Don’t be like me. When I was in school that’s how we talked – with our eyebrows. And we talked with our head. You know why, because we were not allowed to talk.

That’s why I say to you guys all the time learn how to use your voice. Be proud of it, don’t be ashamed of it.

When someone asks you a question, don’t just not your head. That’s what I say to you guys, talk with your voice ok.

Don’t be shy. Be proud of who you are. From here…from your heart.”

Hesquiaht Elder, Patrick Charleson Jr

Photography: Donovan Williams, Jacine Charleson, Kevin Charleson, Patrick Charleson IV, Rakaylyn Charleson

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3 Responses to Be Proud Of Who You Are

  1. thomasjessie says:

    This is awesome!!!! Right on.. keep up the good work alana along with the HSC kids 😀

  2. ballgrrl says:

    That’s awesome 🙂

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